“The Teacher Wars” in Paperback!


Dear readers, friends, and colleagues, 

Today my book, The Teacher Wars: A History of America’s Most Embattled Profession, is available in paperback. I’m so grateful for how the book has been received. The hardcover debuted last September at #8 on the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list. I was asked to speak about the book on the radio with Terry Gross and Leonard Lopate, at colleges, book festivals, union events, and in front of organizations that support tougher accountability for teachers. 

Along the way I learned so much from the debates the book sparked. My goal has never been to engage in “the teacher wars,” but to help end them. The problems we face today in child poverty, teacher training, and school segregation have their roots in history. And it is only when we understand the past that we can effectively struggle to transcend it, not by blaming teachers, but by remaking public policy in order to build a diverse, intellectually engaged teaching profession. 

The New York Times called The Teacher Wars “meticulously fair and disarmingly balanced.” The New Yorker called it “engaging,” and the San Francisco Chronicle “thorough and nuanced.” But the emails I’ve received from readers have meant just as much to me. Here is one that made my day: 

“I admire your well-researched, analytical approach to controversy, shifts in policy, hysteria, and overreactions. The recommendations you suggest in the epilogue are notable for their intelligence and for being unbeholden to any union or political agenda. From a nine year veteran of public education who has experienced more than a few of the challenges you articulate, thank you. Your book is a wonderful service to those who care about understanding public education.” - Jeremy Blaustein

I hope you’ll pick up a copy of the paperback, and if you enjoy it, that you’ll recommend it to others.