New Work and Media Appearances

My latest article, "Don't Help Your Kids With Their Homework," is featured on the cover of the April Atlantic.

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Yep — the headline is clickbait. But this is also a data-driven piece reporting on a 30-year study of American parenting partices, which can help us figure out which parental interventions do and don't help children succeed in school. My article is about the fascinating work of Keith Robinson and Angel Harris, sociologists and authors of The Broken Compass.  

To learn more, check out my radio segments on the Brian Lehrer Show/WNYCTo The Point/PRI, and Slate's Mom and Dad are Fighting.

One thought on “New Work and Media Appearances

  1. Ines

    I thought this piece was so interesting Dana. Made me wonder as a parent how to guide my children academically. They do their own homework but sometimes have poor organizational skills at time. I struggle with how much to intervene and cajole. Then I think about my strong academic performance and how my parents did not have a clue what I was working on. Food for thought.

    One surprising thought I had when I finished was how this piece ultimately is the best rebuttal to the pro-public school status quo education establishment AKA the teachers union and it’s allies. They claim it’s all about the parents. But this article suggests that if the schools do the heavy lifting and the parents get out of the way, kids outperform. Sounds a lot like Success Academy in some ways? Their education approach involves teachers being available in the evenings for homework, not parents. It would make sense that in less privileged areas, teachers would need to do even more heavy lifting to make up for cultural gaps in the home environment (starting school with less vocabulary, literacy, and strong school habits).

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