Is Giftedness Real?

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Is your child “gifted”? What does that even mean? Some schools use old-fashioned IQ tests to identify gifted students. Others use teacher recommendations. A few schools are ending gifted programs altogether and are trying to implement gifted-level instruction for all kids. Which of these methods is fair? What should schools do to make sure that gifted tracks aren’t an option only for socio-economically advantaged children? In this episode, I talk to Sandy Darity, a researcher on giftedness at Duke, and Jeff Danielian, a Rhode Island teacher and giftedness advocate.

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One thought on “Is Giftedness Real?

  1. Brett

    I’ve just generally gotten more pessimistic about tracking over time, and I think it more often than not tends to weaken the overall student body when you have too much separation between “gifted” kids and the “regular” student body. If learning is a collaborative process in the classroom (and it should be), then that kind of separation might be weakening that learning experience.

    Our government recognizes this in other areas, like the military (that’s why we don’t have large forces of “special forces” troops).

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