Don’t Miss My New Slate Podcast, “Schooled!”

This past spring, I got together with David Plotz, the editor of Slate, to discuss ideas for education coverage on the site. We wanted to come up with a project that would be relevant to parents, wonks, and everybody else who cares about kids and improving schools. 

The result is "Schooled," which launches today. The first episode features Amanda Ripley and myself, discussing whether American schools are anti-intellectual, what Teach for America and Finland have in common (hint: it involves the number 5), and who performs better on international tests — the average Canadian kid or the average kid in Beverly Hills, California?

On future episodes we cover research on giftedness, class size, whether affluent kids learn less (or more) in mixed-income schools, and what to look for when you visit schools in which you're considering enrolling your child.

I'm proud to say five of the six episodes include either a current or former public school teacher. And that my producer was the very excellent Sally Herships.