What You Need to Know About Rape-Related Pregnancy

Dear Todd Akin et al,

  • there are about 683,000 rapes in the United States each year
  • about 5 percent of those rapes result in pregnancy
  • rapes cause about 32,000 unwanted pregnancies in the United States annually
  • victims received post-assault medical care (within one month) in less than a quarter of these cases
  • half of all rape-related pregnancies occur in girls aged 12-17
  • rape-related pregnancy is highly correlated with domestic violence and incest
  • the false idea that "real" rape cannot result in pregnancy dates back to the Middle Ages

Sources: The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology; The Guttmacher Institute; The Guardian


One thought on “What You Need to Know About Rape-Related Pregnancy

  1. Lucas Bowen

    One small perspective to add. While the numbers stated are highly disturbing, keep in mind as well that according to the link to census.gov, in 2010 there were 123.4 mio. women in the US in the age group 5-64. This would signal that about 1 of every 200 women/girls experience rape at any one point in their lifes!

    I’m horrified!


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