The Redesign

As I move into book-writing mode, I'm going to have much less time to blog, especially because I want to continue to contribute to Slate and The Nation. So I've redesigned the site so the homepage lands you on some basic information about me and what I'm working on. It's a small change — and all the old links will still work — but I think it will help me feel less pressure to divert my gaze from longer-form projects.

Use the top navigation bar to check out my articles, media appearances, and get a little taste of what the book will be about. My social networking links are on the right. And I'm happy to field any feedback you have in the comments section!

2 thoughts on “The Redesign

  1. Philip Chang

    Hi Dana…you mentioned that Online education may be over-hyped. Even if Matt’s yoga analogy is correct, what is wrong with providing a cheaper option for middle-to-lower-income folks to get a college degree from a brand-name, reputable school?


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