This is a Real Press Release I Actually Received

Dear flacks,
Please don't ever send me press releases like this. 

Hi Dana,

It’s been said that women are a mystery. Why do women pee more than men? Why do women’s relationships with men can appear to be driven by “that time of the month”? For as long as women and men have roamed the earth, no one has unraveled the enigma of the female species—until now.

Scientist Patricia Barnes-Svarney offers a fascinating head-to-toe female look at bodies, brains, love, sex and shiny objects in WHY DO WOMEN CRAVE MORE SEX IN THE SUMMER112 Questions That Women Keep Asking—and That Keep Everyone Else Guessing (June 5, 2012).

Patricia is available to answer questions (and, of course, the book is available for excerpt and review) such as:

· How can marriage or living together keep the brain young?

· Why do women and men have different senses of humor?

· Why can’t men have PMS just once?

 Patricia Barnes-Svarney was once a geologist and is currently a science writer who has published more than two dozen books, and hundreds of articles in such publications as Popular Science, Air & Space, Astronomy, and more. I hope you will give WHY DO WOMEN CRAVE MORE SEX IN THE SUMMER feature consideration. To schedule an interview with Patricia, please be in touch.

Oh…and women crave more sex in the summer because of our heightened sense of smell.


2 thoughts on “This is a Real Press Release I Actually Received

  1. PhilAlbinus

    Look for bogus trend piece in the Living section of your local paper. Somewhere an editor is telling their 24 year-old J student, “get me 800 words with a local angle – talk to the owner of that wacky aroma therapy place next to the car wash emporium on Rte. 9.”


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