Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago

I'll be off the blog this week, since I'm in Chicago researching women teachers and feminist labor politics at the turn of the century. In the meantime, my friend Michelle Goldberg has written a delightfully devastating review of Life of the Party, a new memoir by former GOP flack Lisa Baron. You should also check out this Russell Baker essay on Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt's unconventional marriage and political partnership. 

In other non-news, I am contemplating one of the great pop music mysteries of the hair band era: How did these guys manage to write this song, which came on in a Walgreen's today, reminding me of its cheesiness, but also its awesomeness and correctness. Enjoy…


One thought on “Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago

  1. arbitrista

    Well if by “correct” you mean “a thinly veiled attempt to persuade a girl to sleep with them” then yes. I’ll admit it’s catchy though.

    And a very disturbing profile of what I suspect is a very common sort of person. Cognitive dissonance is always a lot funnier, sadder, and more common than I prefer to expect.


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