Still Wanting to Talk to Each Other, After All Those Years

Tina harry

Tina Brown and Harry Evans at the New York Public Library Lions Gala. Via New York Social Diary

The final draft of my book proposal is due Monday, so I'm not blogging about all sorts of important education news. That said, there's a profile of my old boss, Tina Brown, in the Times magazine this Sunday, and I just took a little break to read it. In addition to learning so much from Tina professionally (headlines! stories! characters!), I always admired her marriage to British newspaper legend Harry Evans, which seems to work despite (or maybe because of?) the fact that they are both ambitious, hard-charging, and extremely busy. This paragraph just made me go awwww:

Their two children, George and Isabel, are in their 20s, no longer at home. “Harry and I have breakfast together every morning,” Brown said. “We go to that crummy Sutton diner around the corner. It’s become our special time. When the kids are little, the morning is never a ‘time,’ you know? . . . So then it finally subsides, and you’re suddenly looking at the person you’re married to. And we have a fantastic time. The best thing for us is if we’re at a dinner party and there’s a kind of California seating arrangement where the husband is put next to the wife. We’re both like, ‘I got you!’ ”

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