Los Angeles So Far

Driving through the industrial district that lies between South Central and downtown L.A.

approaching downtown from the South 

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with Brian Reed, an English teacher at Animo Pat Brown Charter High School in the South L.A. neighborhood of Florence-Firestone. Animo Pat Brown is a Green Dot school, which means it is a very rare breed–a unionized charter. The school is housed in a renovated lingerie factory and is airy and beautiful. The student body is 95 percent Latino.

Animo Pat Brown Charter HS, a Green Dot school in Florence-Firestone neighborhood of LA, north of Watts 

Florence-Firestone is an inner city neighborhood with a fairly high crime rate, but many of the blocks are beautiful, with small bungalow homes boasting lovely front gardens. Other blocks are a bit more run-down.

across the street from Animo Pat Brown 

Florence-Firestone, LA 

Florence-Firestone, LA 

Florence-Firestone, LA 

More soon.

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