I’ll be in California this Week…

…attending the NewSchools Summit in San Francisco and then heading to L.A., where I'll visit Animo Pat Brown and Crenshaw High to do book reporting. 

I hope to blog from the NewSchools conference, which is a one-day extravaganza connecting the big-name ed reformers (Joel Klein, Rhee-sucessor Kaya Henderson, KIPP)  with the corporate and foundation donors who fund their work (Mark Zuckerberg, Target, Google, Walton Foundation, Broad Foundation). The big focus this year seems to be on technology: how virtual learning, distance learning, and gaming can be employed in the classroom. 

We know from Joel Klein's Atlantic essay that some reformers argue that technology makes it feasible to drastically reduce the size of the teaching force. It'll be interesting to observe how the politics of all this are discussed at the summit. 

Now I'm off to frantically complete chores before an early morning flight tomorrow. Stay tuned for news from the West Coast. Until then:


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