Where I’ll Be, What I’m Up To

As a few very dear readers already know, I am working on a book proposal about the politics of teaching in the United States. (Ohmygosh I can't believe I just said that out loud…it's pretty exciting stuff, but also a big, scary project!) 

To that end, I'll be spending the coming week in Rhode Island reporting on the Providence teacher crisis and education reform in the state more generally. If you're a Providence or Central Falls teacher willing to do an interview with me, please drop me a line at dana /at/ danagoldstein.net. I would be very grateful to hear your stories and get your take on the events swirling around you. 

Blogging will be on hold while I do the whole notebook and tape recorder thing, so, in the meantime, here's some good reading:

  • Gotham Schools: NYC study finds school-wide teacher merit pay program a disappointment
  • Matt Yglesias: Firing government workers leads to an overall reduction in employment (in other words, Scott Walker is lying about those 250,000 jobs)
  • The New Yorker: Thanks to LadyJournos, editors no longer have an excuse when it comes to eradicating the male-female byline gap
  • Ezra Klein: A meaty interview with labor historian Nelson Lichtenstein about Wisconsin
  • Reihan Salam: If I'm reading this correctly, he sorta supports congestion pricing. Nice.

And Wesleyan students have made this clever and heartfelt video in support of Planned Parenthood:

3 thoughts on “Where I’ll Be, What I’m Up To

  1. madjoy

    Aww! I just graduated from Wesleyan recently and know some of those students. It makes me so happy to see this video posted on a blog I like.

    Good luck in Rhode Island!


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