Tomorrow at 4:30: Come See Me in Chicago!


The kind folks at the University of Chicago creative writing department have invited me to do a reading and collect an "emerging writer in creative nonfiction" award. Therefore, I will be in the fair city of Rahm Emanuel TOMORROW, Thursday, Feb. 24. The details:

WHO: Dana

WHAT: Speaking at the University of Chicago

WHEN: Tomorrow, Thursday Feb. 24, at 4:30

WHERE: Rosenwald Hall, 1101 E. 58th Street, Room 405

WHY: A free trip to my second favorite American city! Also: I love meeting student writers!

One fun part of this event is that I was asked to choose a student to read alongside me. I went through about 20 nonfiction essay submissions, and the winner is Michael Lipkin, a writer and editor at student newspaper The Chicago Maroon

Hope to meet some blog readers there!

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow at 4:30: Come See Me in Chicago!

  1. Jeff McMahon

    Thank you so much for your visit, Dana, which I have to say exceeded the already high expectations we had developed from your published work. Your reading was immensely valuable as an example of non-fiction artfully crafted for impact and value in pragmatic worlds, and your comments to students about the life and career they can expect as writers of non-fiction were so generous and humble, so insightful and important, both thrilling and challenging. Most of all, to be in the presence of your quick and incisive mind for a few hours was our great honor. Thank you for teaching us. Thank you for reminding us what it takes for writing to make a difference.

  2. Dana

    Thank you so much, Jeff–but seriously, the pleasure was all mine! I came away really impressed with U Chicago and its students. And I’m glad you are teaching journalism, because there are so few academics who give students the realistic picture of the profession that you offer!


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