Please Consider Supporting Planned Parenthood Today

Planned Parenthood provides affordable basic health care for millions of American girls and women–often when they have nowhere else to turn for services including contraception, cancer screening, STI testing, and pre and post-natal care. 

Planned Parenthood also uses private dollars to provide abortion, the most common surgical procedure in the United States. One-third of American women have had an abortion, 60 percent of whom were already mothers when they chose to do so.

And Planned Parenthood also does incredibly sophisticated lobbying work on Capitol Hill and in state houses across the country, seeking to protect reproductive rights and support access to health care. Cecile Richards is a force of nature. Love her.

I've taken advantage of Planned Parenthood's services in the past, and walked through picket lines to do so. The organization has always been controversial, but is now under real threat from this ridiculous fake video controversy, which has entranced the Congressional GOP. 

I just donated to Planned Parenthood, and I hope you'll show your support by doing the same.

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