Books I Purchased This Morning

It's springlike in New York City today, though I really do think it was sunnier in Brooklyn at 9 than it was when I arrived in Morningside Heights at 10. In any case, something about the nice weather inspired me to have a proper breakfast and then stroll through the bookstores near Columbia's campus.

Dark end



State of union


2 thoughts on “Books I Purchased This Morning

  1. zak

    I read Hofstadter’s book last year. The Age of American Unreason is Susan Jacoby’s follow-up to his book. After reading both, I can say some things never change.

  2. Kejia

    With respect to the image of the cover of “A Dangerous Liaison: A Revelatory New Biography of Simone DeBeauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre,” I couldn’t make out the subtitle & didn’t recognize the photos of DeBeauvoir & Sartre.


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