Bon Weekend

Let me set the scene: It was summer 2006. I had just moved to Washington, D.C., where the Republican Party controlled all three branches of the federal government. I was working at the Center for American Progress and hanging with all the other smart-ass young liberals…and a few seemingly random Reason writers.

We frequented a dank basement bar called the Childe Harold (RIP), but every time someone suggested going there, we would all moan, "Oh nooo, not again!" 

It was hotter and humider than I thought possible. Cockroaches were hanging out on the sidewalks, along with other disgusting bugs I had never seen in the Northeast.

I had simultaneous crushes on several handsome young political journalists. One of them had just given me a pretty fucking fantastic mix CD. This song was on it, and I played it over and over again on my old school iPod with the click wheel. It has something to do with crossed wires–you know, not getting what someone is trying to tell you.


A couple years later I finally saw Jens live at the Black Cat with Ann and Brad.

Sigh. Just a long way of saying–DC friends, I miss you tonight. And a good weekend to all.


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