What Will the Midterms Mean for Obama’s Education Agenda?

The midterm elections are going to have a big effect on Obama's school reform agenda. Across the country, his education allies (like Colorado Sen. Michael Bennett) are at risk of losing their seats to politicians who either oppose his reform agenda–or, like Vincent Gray in D.C.–seem to have mixed feelings about it. 

Congressional Republicans, under the Tea Party's sway, want to freeze the federal budget at 2008 levels, which would mean no third Race to the Top round or additional Pell grant funding.

Meanwhile, states that passed aggressive reform laws on teacher evaluation and other controversial education issues in the hopes of winning Race to the Top–but then lost–are reconsidering their choices. Nowhere is this clearer than in Colorado, where the National Education Association is spending to unseat legislators who supported new legislation tying teacher pay to student test scores.

I sketch the national landscape in a new piece this morning at The Daily Beast. Check it out.

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