My Education Questions for President Obama

In half an hour, the "Today" show's Matt Lauer will be interviewing President Obama about education policy. The broadcast is part of NBC's "Education Nation" blitz, a week of programming accompanied by a conference here in New York.

I'll be watching, tweeting, and blogging about the interview, but for now, here are some (off-the-top-of-my-head) questions that I would ask the president about schools:

1. What should be done–if anything–about the fact that our schools are more racially and socioeconomically segregated now than they were 10 or 20 years ago?

2. Should schools be run more like businesses? Which businesses?

3. Your Race to the Top program incentivized the creation of more charter schools, which currently educate just about 2 percent of American children. Through what process or mechanism will successful charters improve traditional public schools, which will continue–for many, many years to come–to educate the vast majority of children?

4. Race to the Top did not, however, incentivize some other proven successful urban school reform strategies, such as voluntary inter-district transfer programs or magnet schools. Why not?

5. NCLB has long been set for reauthorization. Is it a priority for your administration in 2011? Do you believe you can work with the GOP on education policy?

One thought on “My Education Questions for President Obama

  1. Mark Palko


    I would have added:

    “Recent findings by Rand, EPI and other researchers have cast doubt on many of the fundamental assumptions of the reform movement. How is the DoE adapting to this new research?”

    Thanks for the link,


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