It’s “Waiting for Superman” Friday: Twitter Chat at 11; New Story in The Nation

Yes, the big education documentary everyone is talking about opens today, and I'm doing two things to celebrate:

1. The new issue of The Nation has my feature story on "Grading Waiting for Superman"–explaining (in my view) what the film gets wrong on both the big ideas and grassroots politics of school reform. I also take a look at why so much education journalism feels like an anti-union, oversimplified pile-on.

2. At 11 a.m.–so in less than one hour–I'm taking to Twitter for a chat with The After School Corporation about how to convert the buzz around "Waiting for Superman" into lasting change for kids and schools. To submit questions or follow along, use the hashtag #wfschat, or email questions in advance to You can also follow along on my Twitter page.

One thought on “It’s “Waiting for Superman” Friday: Twitter Chat at 11; New Story in The Nation

  1. Salbright

    The just released Peabody study shows that incentive pay tied to improving test scores was not effective.
    I’m a teacher advocate. It seems that a good beginning to improving education would be to take a look at our effective teachers based upon observable skills, in a measurable manner. Tenure must not apply to those measurably ineffective.


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