Imagining the Kinsley/Scarborough Conversation at Politico

John Harris: Jim, I want to make a big splash with our new opinion section.

Jim VandeHei: Totally. It should be something really cool.

Harris: You know who I've been reading since the 70s? Mike Kinsley. I love that guy.

VandeHei: Yes. That guy is a real talent and it's by time someone gave him the leg-up he deserves. Also, Kinsley is not a doctrinaire liberal. That's important because liberals are so boring.

Harris: Totally.

VandeHei: One fresh face on the right is Joe Scarborough. I think the American political elite would benefit from learning his daily opinions.

Harris: Absolutely. I'm so pleased we've figured this out.

VandeHei: Me too. Our 100 percent white male opinion section roll-out is sure to bust open the boundaries of American journalism.

Read more at Mediabistro. The above post is offered in the spirit of friendly collegiality and genuine concern about the continued lack of diversity on opinion pages.

7 thoughts on “Imagining the Kinsley/Scarborough Conversation at Politico

  1. ACLS

    I don’t know what it is, but throwing things through xtranormal always makes them twice as great. Also it’s weirdly well suited for making fun of Politico.

  2. James Cody

    Wow. That was powerfully insightful. I’ve learned so much from this post. I mean, why be substantive when you can just be sly? Why make a real point when you can just argue through coy witticisms, like Charles Krauthammer, except, like, you’re not a conservative, but you’re a liberal, otherwise you’re every bit as informative as Krauthammer? Thank you for this brilliant post.


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