One thought on “Reading List, August 13

  1. Mark

    As per page 36 of the report, absence of mobility and income for said mobility remains the key issue.

    “The data show that many Black people have been stuck in neighborhoods deprived of social and economic capital for several generations. Although only 5 percent of White children born between 1955 and 1970 grew up in high-disadvantage neighborhoods, 84 percent of Black children did so. There was very little change for children born between 1985 and 2000. Also, four out of five Black children who started in the top three income quintiles experienced downward mobility, compared with two out of five White children. As for upward mobility, three out of five White children who started in the bottom two quintiles experienced upward mobility, versus just one out of four Black children. In such circumstances, any generational improvement becomes a huge challenge.”

    First, always read a report from the back. That’s where the true data exists.

    Second, I do hope that this post and reading a report from the back do NOT appear to be, as per the Blog host, “totally sexist” and/or given in an “inappropriate manner”.

    Some of us despise censorship. Others favor the social, ethnic, religious, and/or economic milieus.


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