The Spectacles and Pageantry, the Thousand Things You’ve Got to See

ElectionDay 036
Election night on U Street in D.C., 2008

My heart is based in New York, so I'm very excited that soon my professional life will be based there as well. Tomorrow is my last day at The American Prospect. I'm moving on Saturday, and on Monday, I start an exciting new job at The Daily Beast, as an associate editor focusing on women's issues, international coverage, and politics.  I'm so psyched to join such an innovative, growing publication.  And I've already been doing some interesting writing for The Beast — check it out.

That said, this is a bittersweet transition. I've been in D.C. for a whirlwind three-and-a-half years. I moved here two weeks after college graduation and didn't know a single person. But I was lucky: I started out in an awesome job and quickly met some incredible people, who were not only professional mentors, but great friends. In 2007, something fortuitous happened — I won the writing fellowship at TAP. It really changed my life. I had to get serious about politics and policy, and fast. Working at TAP has been like grad school, with incredibly smart colleagues. I'll be eternally grateful for the opportunity.

Through it all, I lived in Mt. Pleasant, a neighborhood that's one in a million. This is the view walking down my street, of the National Cathedral.

National Cathedral view from Kilbourne Place

I complained a lot about the food scene in D.C., and I maintain that most of the whining was justified. But before I go, a few places I can wholeheartedly recommend: Vace in Cleveland Park for fresh pasta and Italian goods; Red Rocks in Columbia Heights for brick oven pizza; Cork, the wine bar on 14th Street that lives up to the hype; Indique, also in Cleveland Park, for Indian; and the new Pho 14 on Park Road. One good thing about the less than tantalizing restaurant options was that I became a better cook, with much assistance from my roommate and close friend of 16 years, the lovely Eva Seidelman. I'll miss her terribly.


It's been a thrilling, stressful, passionate, and at times sad three years, but my time in D.C. is something I'll always value and never regret. I hope to see everyone regularly in New York. As Gossip Girl would say, "XOXO."

Triboro bridge from Astoria

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