The White House Pay Gap

An enterprising college student, Ariel Boone, has used the White House staff/salary list to do some digging on gender and pay disparities. Here's what she found:

  • On average, a White House woman earns $9,462 less than a White House man.
  • A woman’s median WH salary is $57,129, while a man’s median WH salary is $67,059.

According to Boone's research, the gap is due to women being clustered in lower-level positions, while men are more likely to have executive jobs. This chart breaks it down:

WH gender.jpg

It's not surprising that the White House — an extremely elite, competitive place to work — follows the same patterns we see in the private sector, of women being outnumbered in top positions and over-represented among "assistants." Just a reminder that even in progressive politics, we have to stay vigilant about mentoring young women, promoting them, and offering both women and men the work-life balance that allows them to maintain careers as they get into their thirties and forties and begin having kids.

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