How Would Health Reform “Subsidize” Abortion?

It's quite complicated to understand how, exactly, abortion opponents are using the health reform process to attempt to limit access to family planning. In this RealityCast podcast, the wonderful Amanda Marcotte and I discuss the topic, and Amanda has a helpful clarification: One reason anti-choicers are up in arms over reform is because the federal government will be providing insurance subsidies to people within 300 or 400 percent of poverty. This means that if you're a single woman who earns $38,000 annually, government will help you pay for your private insurance coverage. Thus, if you then access abortion through your private plan, it could be considered "taxpayer-subsidized."

Now, I happen to think the hand-wringing over this is absurd, even if you are genuinely horrified by abortion. After all, because 89 percent of private health plans already offer some abortion coverage, abortion opponents are already paying for other people's access to the procedure, through premiums and co-pays. It's called socializing risk.

In any case, listen here to the podcast.

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