Nixon’s Outrageously Racist Abortion Statement

There is something really fishy about people who seem unable to talk about abortion without also talking about race. First, there's the Mike Huckabee/Sam Brownback version of the disease: Folks who compare abortion to the Holocaust and slavery. The implication is clear: The lives of fully sentient human beings living outside the womb, those who were murdered in the Holocaust or enslaved and raped during slavery, have the same value as a fetus. Respectful!

Now the New York Times reports that on the day Roe v. Wade was decided, President Nixon expressed — on tape, of course — ambivalence. In some situations, abortion "breaks the family," he said. But when it came to interracial couples, Nixon fully supported abortion — six years after the Supreme Court struck down anti-miscegenation laws in Loving v. Virginia. "There are times when an abortion is necessary. I know that. When you have a black and a white,” he said, adding that rape was also such a situation.

Well. Being racist is about the worst reason ever to be pro-choice. And about the worst reason ever to be anti-choice. Just saying.

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2 thoughts on “Nixon’s Outrageously Racist Abortion Statement

  1. ExileinArden

    It doesn’t hurt Richard Nixon’s status as the eternal bugbear of the Left that he had the inscrutable desire to record his every utterance for posterity, but this should not obscure the fact that the reprehensible sentiments he could spout–on this or on many other topics– were the very things that any number of people, no doubt,– including any number of self-professed Democrats, though of a certain stripe– would have and did say at the time.

    But I must take exception, just on the grounds of circularity, with your formulation of the hard-right anti-abortion view that, as you cast it, the worth of the lives and freedoms of slaves or Holocaust victims are equated with those of mere fetuses. If one feels compelled to value fetuses as absolutely equal in value as moral beings to those who are full adult members of society, then it is fetuses who are being equated to (morally precious) rational adults and not rational adults who are being lowered to the level of fetuses. The whole point, for people like Huckabee, is that the fetus is NOT in any way in a morally nebulous or disposable condition.
    I don’t really believe it’s either logical, or even emotionally persuasive, to feint in the direction of racism-baiting on this. The liberation of Auschwitz, or of the slaves is not, in any meaningful sense, part of a crusade that can be posthumously owned by “the Left.” The fact that Southern populists of Huckabee’s economic and cultural persuasion were the leaders of the Reaction in the battle over civil rights is not enough to tarnish Huck with guilt by association. –Of course he has enough follies to be rung over on his own, but I think you’re going far astray to suggest that moral concern over fetuses is somehow these folks’ way of compensating for being somehow indifferent to the fates of Jews, American slaves, or other victims of genocide or oppression. I think anti-abortionism does involve alot of sentimentality; but frankly so does much of the contemporary left’s veneration of human suffering at large, real or imagined. Your post suggests little more than that Left-victimology trumps Right-victimology, which it may on statistical or utilitarian grounds, but that doesn’t in itself make conservatives heartless, nor (more tellingly) does it offer anything to actually settle the ethical debate on abortion.

  2. Clarence Roland

    President Nixon did ride into office on a” Law and Order” platform. He was a product of his day. But we are here today to analyze and defeat those ideas. Let’s consider a spiritual approach to defeating the spirit of racism. Racism was a weapon designed by Satan, the devil, demonic forces or evil. Racism causes envy, strife and confusion and every other evil it can move people to act on.

    Institutional racism chief purpose appears to be to allow one group of people to look down on another group, using a superiority complex (A false sense of importance and fear) to persuade the so called superior group of people to accept circumstances they would not ordinarily accept, except that they absolutely believed they were better off than the so called inferior group.

    For those of us in these times now, let’s consider our choices. Are we going to spend our time here now judging degrees of racism and personal prejudices that may or may not exist in our fellow humans, both black and white?

    Or would our time be better spent, decreeing that no weapon (racism) formed against us will prosper. Should we look on everyone with love, forgiving them instantly, by doing so, we would never be spiritually linked to that behavior. We must be careful while deploring a behavior, not to embrace that behavior, like many child molesters and abuser do.

    God has given us an antidote to this poison that was heap upon us. I challenge those of you reading these blogs and comments to regulate your thinking, use Gods medicine of forgiveness. Call on your spiritual training and forgive him (Nixon) by merely opening your mouth and saying, “I forgive him”.

    This approach sets you free and empowers you to establish a Godly revelation in your own heart for forgiveness. Why take an angry accusatory position at the outset of this discussion about Nixon and other past leaders.
    I hope Nixon realized the errors of his ways and repented before he died.

    If he did repent, you would simply be an accuser of the brethren, along with satan who does it day and night. Rev. 12:10 I would rather be on God’s side, forgiving my brother seventy times seven. Mat 18:22

    No one is surprised that an American President, beloved by some and reviled by others had no revelation that God is no respecter of persons, Romans 2:11. Also that there is no difference between the Jew or the, the black or the white. Romans 10:12

    Set your hearts to forgive and let not your heart be troubled. John 14:1.

    Open your mouths to bind every ungodly thing you hear in both the Republican and Democratic parties both past and future. And bless those that curse you and pray for them who spitefully misuse you as a practical matter. Just open your mouth and say “I bless them” (you can add something special if so moved), but now you are assured that God is pleased with you and racism will never prosper against you or your seed.

    Check me out at

    Thank you again for hearing.


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