Dana in Denver

Covering the Democratic National Convention out here is 1) fun and 2) crazy busy. So I'm just going to start a reverse chronological list here of the stuff I'm writing over at the Prospect site. On a more personal note, through sheer talking-our-way-in, a journalist friend and I were able to join the likes of Dan Rather, the Daily Show correspondents, and Harold Ford Jr. in eating at the CNN Grill last night. It's hard to believe, but CNN has actually purchased the rights to a Denver restaurant for the week, rebranding it with CNN logos and serving yummy fancy-style American food to the convention glitteratti. A Congressman from Virgina was actually turned away — no joke.The culinary highlight was a decorate-your-own cupcake plate. Three cupcakes with three squeeze bags of DIY icing — in red, white, and blue.

Okay so here's that list of my work:

Interview with D.C. Councilman Kwame Brown

What Hillary Means Now

Michelle Obama appears at EMILY's List

An interview with Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano

An interview with Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown

Interview with Providence Mayor David Cicilline

Article on tensions between edu-reform Dems and teachers' unions

Interview with NARAL president Nancy Keenan

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