A Twilight Walk

In commemoration of finally coming home from Iowa, I’ve photographed a typical walk down my street in Mt. Pleasant, Washington, D.C.’s most charming neighborhood. Enjoy.

In other news, I’ve decided to officially make this blog — more often than not — a place for photography. TAPPED takes up more and more of my time and energy when it comes to political blogging, and I hope you’re visiting me there daily. Over here, I need to relax!

Americorps mural, Kilbourne Place and Mount Pleasant Street

Americorps mural, Kilbourne Place at 17th Street

Members of Americorps painted this mural, dedicated to the children of Mt. Pleasant, on Kilbourne Place betwen 17th Street and Mt. Pleasant Street.

National Cathedral view from Kilbourne Place

Kilbourne Place boasts the best view in the city of the gorgeous National Cathedral. Believe it or not, I have a very similar view from the balcony off my bedroom. If you’re planning a trip to D.C., I highly recommend you take a guided tour of the Cathedral, which took almost a century to build and features stained glass windows depicting not just biblical scenes, but also important moments in American history.

D.C. is well known for colorfully painted brownstones

D.C. is well known for its colorfully embellished brownstones, like this one.

Repair Klingle Road

Klingle Road, if functional, would connect Mt. Pleasant to Cleveland Park and Woodley Park, two affluent, Upper Northwest neighborhoods on the other side of Rock Creek Park. Some MTP-ers want the city, as promised, to keep the road closed and create a recreational trail through the woods in its stead. Others relish the convenience the road would bring to the neighborhood. Much of the shopping on Mt. Pleasant Street itself is geared toward the Salvadorean immigrant community, so some folks in the neighborhood are looking for an easier way to get to stores that cater to  middle class white people. Since I don’t own a car, I’m quite fine with the trail idea, since walking through the park is already how I get around.

2 thoughts on “A Twilight Walk

  1. Miriam

    I’m moving to DC at the end of the month and will be living in Mt. Pleasant! I’m really excited about everything I’ve heard about it…seems like a great place to live. Thanks for the pics! :)


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