Yeah Yeah, I Was On TV Last Night

I participated in a left/right bloggers debate over Ann Coulter and Al Gore last night on CNN. The host was Tony Harris and my counterpart was Mary Katherine Ham from, both of whom were a lot of fun. Only regrets: I feel like I wasn’t quite looking in the correct place, and also, that I made some wacky facial expressions. But all in all, I’m pleased with my first real TV appearance.

6 thoughts on “Yeah Yeah, I Was On TV Last Night

  1. DrJinx

    Dana, good job on CNN last night. Made some interesting points related to Coulter. And (obligatory straight guy comment) you’re very cute. Peace

  2. Matt Zeitlin

    Can we get a heads up next time? If you wanna make it this blogging game, you’re really going to have step up the self promotion. Links in your Google chat profile aren’t gonna cut it…;)

  3. Sean

    Eh, I thought you came off well compared to your counterpart’s huge, fake/smug-seeming smile (though part of me continuously admires how media-savvy movement conservatives are often able to project so cheerfully just seconds before launching into some kind of extreme talking point or diatribe).

    Either way, you definitely did Bruno (or Bruna– I just found out the other day that some friends have taken to feminizing it) proud!


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