Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

For all the kind, supportive words I’ve received about my CNN appearance. It really means a lot, especially after hearing from conservative bloggers about how I sounded "like a middle schooler." Ugh. And then the commenters over here at The Guardian totally missing my tone of deliberate hyperbole. I intend to get back to reporting the next few days, since all this punditry is really raising my blood pressure. I’m currently working on a print feature about schools and the achievement gap. And as always, blogging daily at TAPPED.

As for all the strangers who suggested we go out on a date or who referenced sex in messages to me after I appeared on CNN…um, not so appreciated. It’s hard enough putting oneself out there without fielding comments like that. Don’t be icky.

5 thoughts on “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

  1. Matt Zeitlin

    Well, Dana, compared to most bat mitzvah speeches I’ve seen, I’d say your speaking and analytic abilities well surpass just about any middle schooler. Besides all that, you did provide some good evidence to MKH that we Jews need not be perfected.
    I’m pretty sure I speak for your blog-readership when I say that we all rather enjoy the punditry, despite what assorted assholes say or do.

  2. me

    You suggested white men are no longer ‘needed’ because we are being demographically over-run (helped by open immigration policies pushed by Jewish activist groups like the ADL and AJC) . Fair enough. White males are no longer needed in Democratic party. I suggest that Jews are no longer ‘needed’ in the United States, or Western Civilization for that matter.

  3. Matt Zeitlin

    “Me” you are either A. intentionally misinterpreting Dana’s point to make some dumb, inflammatory claim or B. Actually read Dana’s piece as saying that Democrats should somehow eliminate white men.

    Dana’s point was simple. Democrats shouldn’t bend over backwards to accomadate a group of voters who just aren’t very liberal. White males are a declining demographic and Democrats shouldn’t alienate growing demographic groups (women and minorities) by eliminating or downplaying parts of their platform to appeal to illusive white male voters. Jews, on the other hand, are about 3% of the population and 80% of them vote Democratic. They are very liberal compared to the rest of the country, and Democrats can get their votes without changing their platform or slate of candidates.

    To imply (which you do) that Dana wants to kick white men out of the US or “Western Civilization” is both offensive and absurd. Also, to say that “jewish activist groups” are behind our immigration policies sure is odd, I think big business and Latino activists have a tad more influence in that area. So, “me” the only implying that a specific ethnic group be considered “not necesary” for a country or a civilization is you.


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