Jenna’s Story

My post here Sunday on some of the unexpectedly progressive statements coming out of Jenna Bush‘s mouth during her book tour has led to a full-length Prospect column. I think I may be the only journalist who wrote about the book to have actually read the entire thing. And as my editor Ann Friedman points out, this article is where Wonky McWonkster feminist liberal journalism meets Us Weekly. So if that appeals to you, I hope you’ll check it out:

Like the vast majority of Americans in their mid-twenties, Jenna Bush believes condoms effectively prevent the spread of HIV, comprehensive sex education helps young people make healthy choices, and sex between two mutually loving people is okay — even if they aren’t married.

None of that is surprising. But given that Jenna Bush is the daughter of a deeply conservative president, one whose administration has in part been defined by retrograde sexual politics, it’s rather extraordinary that Jenna has written a book advocating a practical, social justice stance toward the problems of poverty, AIDS, child abuse, sexual abuse, and teenage motherhood in Latin America.

3 thoughts on “Jenna’s Story

  1. fred

    When Jenna puts together her inevitable run for the presidency, will it be as a Democrat? At that time (20 years hence?), will the two parties be distinguishable in any way?

  2. Matt Zeitlin

    Wow Dana, where’s your sense for self promotion? Most bloggers when they’re on TV (see Klein, Ezra) both give their readers a heads up and throw up a youtube link afterwards. I had to delve through Malkin craziness to find your youtube clip.

    link to

  3. Sean

    FYI, I came across a great cover article on Jenna from the Texas Monthly the other day (they got extensive access to her, which kind of confirms the picture your piece paints):

    link to

    Among other things, it reports on something that I suspected after reading your article. Back around 2000, I remember reading an article about Bush where he noted that one of his daughters was strongly anti-death-penalty. I figured we had the answer in wake of this all, and the Monthly piece confirms that (she apparently once argued with him, unsuccessfully, at the dinner table in favor of stopping Karla Faye Tucker’s execution).


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