Some Good Abortion Rulings in the States

Earlier this month, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that doctors don’t have to follow any set script when speaking to women about abortion. This week, Pennsylvania and Missouri courts make two more good decisions on choice: The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a Pennsylvania reproductive health clinic did not violate the rights of a 16-year old girl’s parents when they dispensed the morning-after pill to her. The parents likened the drug to abortion and said it violated their Christian beliefs, but the Court maintained that the clinic’s responsibility was only to the patient. In Missouri, U.S. District Judge Ortrie Smith stayed a bill from the state legislature ordering that abortion clinics upgrade their facilities (everything from door sizes, to parking lots, to hiring more staff)  or close down. For more on the growing anti-choice tactic of attacking the physical plants where abortions are performed, check out Ann Friedman‘s excellent Prospect column.

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