I’ve Been So Out Of It…

That I just read up on the Larry Craig scandal about five minutes ago. My initial reaction: God! Don’t the Minnesota police have something better to do than conduct public restroom stings of men initiating sex?

If you’re interested in the questions of legality here, check out Garance Franke-Ruta‘s explanation. In short, no, it isn’t illegal to ask somebody to have sex with you in Idaho. But of course, it is illegal to have sex in public or be nude in public, so perhaps that’s how the police justify this behavior? You know, it’s like breaking up the fun on lover’s lane.

Of course, I don’t know any hetero kids who’ve actually been fingerprinted or photographed after cops caught them making out in public parks or car backseats. And I grew up in the suburbs.

Thanks to Brian Beutler for helping to correct a previous mistake in this post. Larry Craig represents Idaho in the Senate, but was arrested in Minneapolis.

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