Pop Music and Matrimony

Over at TAPPED, I look at this strange David Brooks column, which criticizes female pop stars such as Avril Lavigne and Pink for angry lyrics that perpetuate scary ideas. You know, like women should be independent from men, deserve not to be cheated on, and shouldn’t have their asses grabbed (non-censensually) at bars. Brooks believes Avril and Pink are promoting an ideology hostile to marriage, at least before the age of 30.

News-flash: Pink, 28, is married. So is Avril, 22.

4 thoughts on “Pop Music and Matrimony

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  2. Klein's Tiny Left Nut

    David Brooks is a misogynistic moron who couldn’t get laid if David Vitter was footing the bill. The fact that this guy gets a column in the times baffles me beyond belief.

  3. anastasi

    Of course, the fact that Avril Lavigne and Pink are under 30 and married has a lot to do with their income. I guess Brooks forgets that it’s a little easier to do so when you’re economically secure.


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