Planned Parenthood Wrap-Up

My last dispatch from the Planned Parethood presidential forum is up this morning, on Hillary Clinton‘s speech. All three campaigns were impressive, but Hillary definitely had the strongest takeaway — she simply has more experience working on these issues, from her time as an attorney, through her international work as first lady, to her voice as a Senate leader on choice, Plan B, and comprehensive sex-ed.

Interestingly, the male college student who accompanied me to the event pronounced Hillary "soporific." Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Wrap-Up

  1. Klein's Tiny Left Nut

    Hillary just flat out does her homework. I saw her speak to a group of building trades unions along with all of the other candidates, and there was far more substance in her talk than any of the others. That being said, I’m still looking to either Obama or Edwards.

  2. Dana

    She does. And that’s why a political scientist I ran into at the speech (who favors Obama) said, “She almost wins you over.”

    I think more people are going to be having that reaction as time goes on.

    And for the record: I’m undecided.


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