Leftiest, Youngest Debate Ever

What’s so different about this debate? The people asking the questions. Maybe because only people under 30 can operate a webcam, the men and women addressing the candidates here have a very different set of priorities. A lesbian couple from Brooklyn asks if they should be allowed to get married. A young black man demands that the candidates reveal if they support reparations for slavery. A student wonders if 18-year old women should be required to register for the draft.

I’m watching the debate on DVR, so I’m behind. But from what I’ve seen so far, a highlight was Obama saying he’d meet in person with the leaders of Iran, South Korea, and Syria within the first year of his administration. Hillary wouldn’t make the same promise, saying she feared rushing into such a meetings would lead to her being used for propaganda purposes, and Edwards agreed with her. Saddest moment? Edwards saying he was personally against gay marriage because of his Southern Baptist faith. I can’t presume to know how Edwards truly feels about marriage equality, but either he has a moral view I deeply disagree with, or he’s pandering to an extent with which I’m uncomfortable.

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