Independence Day

I was lucky to watch the Macy’s fireworks tonight from a rooftop in Fort Greene, Brooklyn that just happened to have a view. And even luckier, I was in the company of friends of friends visiting from foreign countries who were truly wowed by New York City and our celebration. So if you’ll pardon me taking a brief ride in the way back machine, here are lyrics to Ani Difranco‘s "Indendence Day," a song I returned to today after many years, and which seemed appropriate for July 4, 2007:

We drove the car
To the top of the parking ramp
Fourth of July
Sat out on the hood
With a couple of warm beers
And watched the fireworks
Explode in the sky
There was an exodus of birds from the trees
Cuz they didn’t know
We were only pretending
And the people all looked up and looked pleased
And the birds flew around
Like the whole world was ending

I don’t think war is noble

And I don’t like to think love is like war

But I got a big hot cherry bomb
And I wanna slip it through the mail slot
Of your front door
You can’t leave me here
I got your back now
You’d better have mine
Cuz you say the coast is clear
But you say that all the time

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