Argh! I’m Falling Down the Slippery Slope!

I guess my new beat is op-ed columns of the weird, because I can’t help commenting on this one, which claims that because of one Pennsylvania and one Canadian court case rewarding parental rights to biological fathers in addition to the lesbian mothers who raise the resulting children, "America, get ready for the group-marriage debate."

The hand-wringing author is Elizabeth Marquardt of the Institue for American Values, a New York-based think tank that appears to believe the Iraq War is grand and divorce ruins kids forever. I adore the title of Marquardt’s new book: My Daddy’s Name Is Donor.

3 thoughts on “Argh! I’m Falling Down the Slippery Slope!

  1. Klein's Tiny Left Nut

    What is the difference between this and the child who has divorced parents who remarry? What is magical about being deemed a “biological” parent? More importantly, why does the Times run this kind of right wing claptrap? It’s bad enough that I have to tolerate it in the Post, but in both “liberal” papers it gets to be too much.

    I would also note that children in traditional two parent households have to negotiate a world in which two different sets of rules, worldviews, etc. often collide. Of course, learning to play Mom and Dad off one another under one roof is a valuable life skill, not a source of trauman.

  2. Thud

    Considering that the Republicans already started the man-on-turtle debate, the pro-group-marriage position seems positively fundamentalist.


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