Today’s My Last Day at Campus Progress

Cp Which is so sad, even though I’m very excited about becoming a writing fellow at The American Prospect. I’ve posted a little tribute to all my amazing Campus Progress colleagues here.

Most of today is going to be consumed with training the wonderful lady who is replacing me, Kay Steiger. But I’ll try to post a bit later on some reading I’ve been doing. And then tonight I’m seeing "Sicko." I feel like the only person in America who didn’t get into some exclusive advanced screening of the new Michael Moore flick, so I know you aren’t exactly waiting, baited breath, for my analysis. But do you think that will stop me from blogging about it? Of course not!

In other news, a friend/colleague tells me I should keep up the history blogging. I agree. And I’m also going to be writing a few pieces for Campus Progress on liberal thinkers young progressives should know about. A few weeks ago, a student wrote to say he’d love to see a liberal alternative to our "Right Wing Speaker Bio" series. I’m thinking bell hooks and Mary Wollstonecraft and Susan Moller Okin alongside Locke and Rousseau and Rawls. Any other creative suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Today’s My Last Day at Campus Progress

  1. BF

    Since modern conservatives cling to Locke and Rousseau too, I would recommend (in addition) more thinkers associated with modern liberalism. John Dewey, Walter Lippmann, Arthur Schlesinger, Isiah Berlin, Lionel Trilling, Susan Sontag…maybe Paul Berman for someone living. I’m sure progressives will be well represented via other suggestions, so I’ll stop there. Oh, I’d throw Dorothy Day in too.

    Although perhaps I’m confused. All of the conservatives are alive (Jerry Falwell noted), but you recommended some dead liberals.


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