I have a few friends who are absolutely passionate about health care policy, and while I always admired their knowledge and commitment, I can’t say I actually understood the extent of their outrage until last night, when I saw "Sicko." I think everyone should see the movie.

My only complaint is that the entire part of the film that took place in Cuba should’ve been canned. It was viscerally uncomfortable to watch as Moore’s crew accompanied three 9/11 rescue workers to a Cuban fire station, where the fire fighters stood at forced attention and then hugged each American in an awkwardly staged PR maneuver.

One thought on ““Sicko”

  1. Ashish George

    I agree. Based on interviews and other things he’s said post-production, Moore was apparently trying to highlight the fact that if a poor country could do so much, it doesn’t make sense for us not to be able to do more. But in the movie it just looks like he’s putting lipstick on the Cuban pig, complete with words from Che Guevara’s daughter.

    To make the point he was apparently trying to make, Moore would have been better served showing the extent of Cuban poverty before moving on to the accomplishments of the country’s health care system. But I’m guessing the Cuban government probably wouldn’t have allowed Moore to do that even if he wanted to.


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