Guys Chat With Their Moms, Too!

Thanks to friends Ezra, Matt, and August, some people are actually reading this site! And one of them, Joseph Hughes, wrote to tell me that hey, he’s a 28-year old dude, and he talks to his mom everyday:

I probably talk to my mother every day, whether I really want to or not. Both my parents are, as you said, "with it," but I’d say the ratio by which I speak to both are 10:1 mom. … My girlfriend’s parents, on the other hand, seem distant by comparison, though I think it’s just because my mom is so "there" all the time. That said, I love her and really can’t think of her being any different.

Thanks Joseph. You’re a good son.

2 thoughts on “Guys Chat With Their Moms, Too!

  1. Reihan

    I talk to my mother about 3-5 times a week, from 5-10 minutes. But I also visit my parents 1-2 times a month. I’m very fond of them. Part of this is the inevitable increase in respect and admiration that happens from a distance. Also, my relationship with my parents was always (I think) slightly unconventional, e.g., my parents never saw or expressed any interest in my report cards, and when we talked/interacted when I was in high school, it was generally about ideas. Neither of my parents have intellectual jobs per se, but both are very curious, eccentric people who love to talk. I feel very lucky in this regard.

  2. Dana

    Hey Reihan. My parents were never really into my grades either, and much more concerned with my emotional/intellectual well-being more generally. We’re lucky :-)


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